Nicola Melinelli “Actiniaria”

Catalogue Actinaria ita / engl 

17.01.2014 > 21.02.2014

“Your show title suggests me to think of Actinians that are more commonly known as sea anemones. They are so extremely flashy, almost precious, sensual, and, as a counter to such beauty, at the same time they have stinging and deadly tentacles for those approaching. As a fish unaware of my last end, I get closer realizing I find the place less  and less reassuring. And, just as the fish tries to escape after the collision, I do the same with my eyes, but it’s too late: I’m in that space, and I understand that the only way to save myself it’is to look across the surface. Scanning the whole, each corner suggestes me that  there are different possibilities refused at the first eyes rest, on another line, another portion of color, another intersection. I understand, everything falls apart in front of my eyes.” (Vincenzo Simone)

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