Osamu Kobayashi “OK!”

01.07.2015 > 18.09.2015

A+B gallery presents the second solo show by the american painter Osamu Kobayashi composed by a new and coherent series of painings. The writer Paul D’Agostino says on his text “Sharable Joys in the Paintings of Osamu Kobayashi”: “It is in his very operative motion, in his ostensibly slow, meditative pictorial gesture, that a careful viewer begins to perceive, in the exquisite works of the young American painter Osamu Kobayashi, a fervid sense of joy that is not merely formal, chromatic and compositional, but also procedural, inherent and material.”

comunicato stampa / testo ita – text eng by paul d’agostino

Osamu Kobayashi artist page

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