Luca Macauda

Born in Modica, Sicily (I) 1979. Lives and works in Brescia. Degree in painting at the Accademy of Fine Art of Rome.

On Macauda’s surfaces the painting is soaking. His gestures sink and re-emerge like if guided by a wave, they vibrate dynamically thinking at an earthy matter with a water-like fluidness. The mental confidence of the stroke melts free, away from any aggressive extreme because it creates that candor that is able to melt the caves of artifice. This is how I understand the use of these soft pastels, that, being pure and without solvents, make the artist work on bonds, feeling the image instead of projecting it from the eyes. The vulnerability of the matter – a rush touch can cause a botch – matches with the visual refusal of any fossil form, its long-lasting brightness delegates to the light, that is the life, any characteristic and formal task.
Macauda works vertically, stretching out the canvas on a frame that he makes rotate. This procedure subverts the stroke from the gravity of the body and commits to the impression the direction of the painting. Because of this procedure, the working surface is larger than how we see the finished artwork in the framework. The painting is bound in the structure and becomes a witness of the relationships between the freedom of gesture and the acknowledgement of a dimension. (Gabriele Tosi text

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Exhibition at A+B: Alla testa dell’acqua – Solo show at A+B / We do what we’re told – Solo show at A+B / Oltre il pensiero. Quattordici ricerche attraverso la materia – Group show at A+B

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