Anno”tt”azioni* e mancate risposte – Emanuele Becheri / Massimo Uberti

28.09.2012 > 09.11.2012

“We are in the classical relationship artist / artwork, whatever is the form of the relationship – Who gets the centrality?”… “Between the artist and the artwork there is a small distance that is mysterious to everybody – to artists at first – in which the image grows, it takes on: it’s not yet an artwork, it’s the gesture, the glance direction touching a possible reality”…”Becheri draws – as Uberti – but it’s a postponed sign, laying on the matter, not etched or inscribed. Uberti is literally focusing on sayings, patterns of classic architectural maps, perorations.”(Mauro Panzera)
* annotation, short text, but with a light that darkens.

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