“Phasmes” – Zoro Feigl, Tiziano Martini, Max Frintrop, Osamu Kobayashi

01.02.2013 > 08.03.2013

AplusB presents the exhibition “Phasmes” involving artists Zoro Feigl (lives and works in Amsterdam), Max Frintrop (lives and works in Düsseldorf), Osamu Kobayashi (lives and works in Brooklyn) and Tiziano Martini (live and works within Belluno and Leipzig).

This group of young artists presents works that are coherent with the common ability to produce images that involve two elements: perspective and fortuity. Phasmes, in French, means Phasmid, the family of insects to which belongs the twig, and that has the ability to disguise and, at the same time, to appear revealing the difference.

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