Davide Mancini Zanchi “Blitzen Benz”


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29.10.2014 > 04.12.2014

Blitzen Benz is the thunder car that in 1909 broke the first high speed record of a combustion engine beating a vapor engine car. It is a myth that is unconsciously echoed in all the “tuning” transformations, where everything is considered in alt. Aesthetic expedients with specific criteria through practice, transformation and creation of something that comes from motivations that refer to challenge, speed and a specific “beauty”. Therefore, there are motivations that refer to a community, to a need to express themselves through criteria dictated by a predominant aesthetic. In the realization of the exhibited works the artist wanted to use the same attitude and, therefore, he wanted his works to be objects created to express themselves and be respected by their community of provenance, creating normality/diversity and decoration/identity simultaneously. The works are like paintings, with all what refers to the action of painting. But the materials are from that world that uses carbon fibre, colorful neons, bright colors and ornamental elements in plastic materials.

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