Niccolò Morgan Gandolfi, Silvia Hell, Simon Laureyns
Curated by Gabriele Tosi

13.02.2016 > 18.06.2016
After Even a Birch Can Be Real, A+B Contemporary Art presents the second exhibition of a three collective project that involves the same three artists in exhibitions different by title, concept and works.

Even a Birch Can Be Real indicates the focus on the three authors research regarding the real, considering however the different specificities of each interest. Urban scenery is the field where Simon Laureyns acts, Niccolò Morgan Gandolfi favours natural landscape, and Silvia Hell operates through the construction of languages aimed at developing knowledge and visualization of a neighborhood made up of people, concepts, rules and narratives.
Slash puts a fractured narrative, a break that refers either to the exhibition triptych and to what heppens during the production of the works on display. The purpose is to show the frame when something becomes something else in order to be what it truly is.
Living up to that background recounted by Even a Birch Can Be Real, Slash focuses its attention on the passage of reality elements within the artistic practice, answering questions concerning the methods and motives of each research.

CS Ita / PR Eng


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